Youth Programs

Career Focus

This is a twenty-six (26) week program. Clients in this program must hold a certificate or degree in a College or University.  

Jobs that are subsidized through this program need to be at or above the pay grade for the job at which the client is qualified and applying to. The client will also have access to program coordinators. 

Ready to Work

This eighteen (18) week program is a wage subsidy reimbursement program designed to assist young people in finding full-time, meaningful employment, and assist businesses in finding potential valuable employees.  

This is a free service to both Employers and Employees. 

Gateway Training Assisstance

This twelve (12) week program is designed to offer clients direction and financial support in the career path they are looking.

Once a client has been accepted. the project’s objective is to act as a trustee for the participant. Each individual will be pared with a Program Coordinator and will receive job search assistance and support that is intended to help secure full time employment.