Gateway Training Assistance Program

Meet your Program Coordinator:

Kelly Staring 466-7489 

Participant Eligibility Criteria
  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident or Refugee under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Legally entitled to work in Canada)
  • Has not been in receipt EI in the past 3 years
  • Youth between the ages of 18 and 30

More about GTA:
Case managers refer clients who seek financial assistance for suitable training programs which lead to full time employment. Training programs can be up to 12 weeks in duration; Gateway will reimburse up to $5000.00 of tuition cost.
Once a client has been accepted, Gateway’s project objectives are to act as a trustee for the participant. Each individual will be pared with a Program Coordinator and will receive job search assistance and support that is intended to help secure full time employment.
Upon completion of the training program a wage subsidy is offered to qualified Employers who hire youth graduates from the GTA Program.